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Pantyhose are sexy sexy sexy Sexy!
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Monday, April 18th, 2011
12:07 pm
Taking a break from wearing pantyhose
Every once in awhile I just like to let my legs go bare,no pantyhose,just totally bare legs.And it feels good for awhile to be able to walk around the house not worrying about getting a snag or a run,and then having to change into another pair.

But when i go online to chat,people ask me how i am and i tell them and then they immediately wanna know what kind of pantyhose i have on,so i tell them i'm not wearing any today,and they wanna know why,so i explain to them that i just want to take a break from pantyhose and not have to tiptoe around the house worrying about where i step,and having to watch out for anything sharp or rough or jagged that might snag my nylons,and having to watch where i sit,or having to be careful when scratching my legs because of my rough fingernails.i just need a break from all that.

But they keep pestering me to put on pantyhose,and i resist,but they keep asking and then i mention that i do have some new pantyhose i haven't worn yet,but i'm relaxing right now,and i'm enjoying my bare legs.But they keep asking me to put them on,and before i know it the package is in my hands,and i'm opening it and rolling the pantyhose legs up in my hands,and pulling them up my bare legs.

And the next thing i know i'm in pantyhose once again.Checking for snags,tiptoeing thru the house,being careful about touching them with my fingernails,and worrying about rips and runs,and here i thought my legs were gonna stay bare today

Current Mood: horny
Friday, June 25th, 2010
8:32 pm
I luv wearing black sheer to waist pantyhose!
Black used to be my most unluckiest color since it shows every little snag so clearly,and i used to get a zillion of them in my other pantyhose. But these black sheer to waist pantyhose went on so smooth,with not one single snag! So sexy! Look at these legs, just so perfect and sexy and sheer, i dare you to find a single snag in them anywhere! Go ahead and and look...

From Aire

From Aire

From Aire

From Aire

From Aire

From Aire

Current Mood: horny
Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
3:35 pm
Back in my L'eggs Everyday
These L'eggs Everyday pantyhose were on sale so I couldn't help but buy a few pairs.I know I've had bad luck with these in the past but this time I wore these all day without any holes or runs in them. So I guess my luck with pantyhose has finally changed for the good. These pantyhose are nude and have a control top but they do feel really good on my legs and they were like $1.25 a pair so how could I go wrong?

From nude leggs everyday

From nude leggs everyday

From nude leggs everyday

From nude leggs everyday

From nude leggs everyday
Friday, February 12th, 2010
2:09 pm
Thursday, January 28th, 2010
1:03 pm
My new life in Leggs
So it's been about a year now since I started wearing sheer to waist pantyhose. Up until that time i wore control tops, which i hated by the way, but it was what i was used to. And they always snagged so easily. No matter how careful i was those control tops snagged if i even looked at them. I know it sounds strange but i've always been kind of a perfectionist, i hate imperfections. If i get a spot on my shirt, or a scuff mark on a new pair of shoes or even a small snag in my pantyhose, it just really irritates me. But even on my luckiest days which were very rare, i'd usually have at least one huge snag in the leg of my control tops with an ugly thread dangling from it. But those were my lucky days. Most days I had quite a few snags in my legs,big ones and small ones,and usually a run while putting them on or sometime later during the day. I just couldn't win. I shaved my legs so smooth thinking that the stubble might be causing the snags,but it didn't help. I tried moisturizing cream on my legs but still no luck. So i basically gave up and decided to accept the snags in my control tops,even though i hated them with a passion!

I just could never understand it really, how other girls i knew who wore pantyhose never seemed to have any problems, or at least not as many problems as me. But then a friend of mine sent me those Leggs sheer to waist pantyhose a year ago,four pairs of them 2 in jet black and 2 in off black, and when i first unwrapped them and saw how shiny and silky and sheer they were, i said,"yeah right, imagine me walking around with these on my legs!" Or even trying to get them on! No way! I put them away carefully so as not to damage them. They seemed so sheer and fragile. But the more i thought about wearing them the more curious i became. I thought, "What if i could get a pair of those sexy off black pantyhose on my legs just for a few minutes anyway without getting too many snags in them and hopefully no runs,just so i could see my legs and ass in them and take a few pics?"

But there was just no way. But I felt bad that this guy would spend his money on me and buy me these sexy nylons to not wear them for him. But I thought,"He doesn't know my legs like I do!" But still the more i thought about those silky sexy hose the more i started drooling over them,literally. i wanted so much to see my legs in them,and for this guy to see me in them too. So I gave in...

I showered and shaved my legs and my ass too,i know i'm cursed with too much body hair, and went into my bedroom and put on a pair of plastic gloves,the kind doctors use, i guess they're plastic,who knows, and carefully unwrapped a pair of off black Leggs. "Here goes nothing," i thought. My body was quivering with excitement and anticipation and nervousness. But i figured i had 4 pairs and 4 shots at being sheer and sexy for the first time. If one pair ripped there were still three more shots,they couldn't all rip could they?

They didn't rip. And they didn't snag either. My body was literally trembling with excitement as I pulled the Leggs up over my waist and i saw how silky and shiny and sexy my legs looked. And not one snag? How could that be? I looked over every inch of my gorgeous mouth watering legs and couldn't find even a a tiny snag. I thought for sure the snags must be in the back of my legs,but i checked in the mirror and nothing not a single blemish on them, amazing! My ass never looked so good,hell my legs never looked so good,and i had never felt so sexy and so good about myself in as long as i could remember. My Leggs were absolutely amazing! I took a few pics and pinched myself to make sure i wasn't dreaming and that these were really my legs looking this hot and then just basically relaxed all day long in them,enjoying every minute of wearing them, and i wore them all day and still not a single snag, amazing! I know this all sounds a little strange but I hadn't felt so sexy and attractive and desirable in a very long time,and I've been wearing sheer to waist ever since,because basically I luv feeling this good and sexy!
Sunday, January 24th, 2010
3:56 pm
Saturday, December 5th, 2009
2:01 pm

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
11:34 pm
in the berkshires
Berkshire pantyhose that is. A friend if mine bought these for me, and when i first saw them, i said there's no way i can wear these, they're so sheer they'll snag and probably run. But i so wanted to wear these sexy nylons, thats why i asked for them in the first place, and i was willing to try anyway. i was careful with them pulling them up my legs, hoping against hope to put these on without ruining them, and much to my amazement they went on without a single snag!

And they were so silky and smooth and sheer, i just felt so sexy in them. i never thought i could wear sexy sheer hose like this, and now that i know that i can, i'll wear sexy sheer pantyhose from now on, i luv being this sexy and sheer! with no runs or ugly snags!

Friday, March 20th, 2009
11:23 am

Cranberry2, originally uploaded by fashion chalet.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009
5:36 am
Nothing beats a great pair of L'eggs
It's true. I spent an entire day just relaxing in these Leggs sheer energy pantyhose, with their delicious sheer toe, and their even more delicious sheer panty. So sexy, so sheer, so beautiful. As soon as i saw myself in these sexy nylons i fell in luv with them instantly. I always thought this style of pantyhose was too sheer for my legs, my skin seems to snag nylon so easily, but these went on perfectly, without a single snag, a first for me. That's why i luv these pantyhose so much, they're not only sheer, but they are durable as well. The reason being because they are 83% nylon and 17% spandex. the spandex makes them a little tight and my cotton crotch was sagging and my waistband kept rolling down, but i felt and looked so sexy sheer in these pantyhose that it really didn't matter, i luv wearing these pantyhose!

...to say they made me horny, would be an understatement!

Current Mood: horny
Monday, January 19th, 2009
5:45 pm
sheer to waist pantyhose are just soooo Sexy!
i'm at the point where my bare legs don't stay bare for long anymore, i shower and shave and immediately slip into a pair of sexy silky pantyhose. i just can't help it, i luv how they feel on my legs, and i luv how sexy i look in them. recently i have started wearing nononsense sheer to waist pantyhose and i was shocked by how beautiful they looked on my legs, i'll never wear anything but sheer to waist from now on! and they feel so silky and smooth, i just can't keep my hands off of them, i just have to touch them and rub my legs in them, they feel that good!

too sheer to touch

and guys have just been begging to see my ass in them, i've never been asked to show off my ass before, but since the discovery of these sheer to waist pantyhose, i get all kinds of sexy and erotic comments about my ass. i just luv all the attention i've been getting!

my ass in tan sheer to waist pantyhose, do you like?

and i really luv being called "Sexy!" that just turns me on so much you wouldn't believe!

But recently i received four pairs of Leggs sheer energy sheer to waist pantyhose from http://pantyhoseslve.livejournal.com/, who sent them to me, i've never had anyone buy me a gift like this before, it makes me feel so special that someone would do this for me, thank you so much! when i first saw these sexy sheer pantyhose, my heart started racing and my knees went weak. these are totally sheer to waist, no panty line whatsoever! i have wanted these pantyhose for so long now and can't wait to put them on, but i'm waiting...

i'm waiting till i have the whole day to myself, to just relax in them all day and savor every moment of wearing them. i've wanted to wear these pantyhose for so long now and now that i have them i'm going to just pick a day when i can just lie around the house all day long to wear them, it'll be great, and what makes it even more special is that someone has asked me to model them for him, and actually sent them to me. i can't wait!

of course i'll be horny! that goes without saying! and by the way, you can email me directly at belinda_sue_brown@yahoo.com with all your sexy comments if you like, you can say whatever you like, i won't be offended, i promise! And i'm wearing my nude sheer to waist pantyhose from nononsense right now!

Current Mood: horny
Sunday, January 18th, 2009
2:35 pm
Always running behind schedule
So even though i hate to use the words run or running especially when i have pantyhose on, simply because it always seems to set certain events in motion that lead up to me getting a run somewhere and at the most inopportune time in my nylons. sounds strange but it's true, but i've made up my mind to stop worrying so much about such trivial things in life, that's one of my new year's resolutions, and to just try and enjoy my life as much as possible.

But anyway, i have been running behind lately on doing a lot of things like posting my new years day pics. New Years Day I spent the whole day jut lying around in my sheer to waist tan pantyhose from nononsense. these are just so silky and smooth and sexy, i just love how they feel on my legs, so i wear them every chance i get, sheer to waist is definitely the way to go, don't you think?

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, December 25th, 2008
11:48 pm
Sheer to waist pantyhose
I never thought I would wear sheer to waist pantyhose. but i decided to buy some and try them on. and these nylons were so sexy and sheer and silky smooth, i couldn't believe how sexy my ass looked in them, and my legs too. they were unbelievable! i couldn't keep my hands off them all day, i just had to keep rubbing my legs in these nude nylons, they just felt so silky smooth.

i thought they would run easily being so sheer, but they never ran at all, my ass and my legs remained perfectly sheer all day long, which is an amazing accomplishment for me. my old brand of pantyhose usually had runs in them shortly after putting them on, but these stayed flawless all day, and they felt so good on my legs as well. i'll certainly be wearing these from now, no more control top. it's sheer to waist from now on!

Check these babies out! My legs in No nonsense sheer to waist pantyhose in Nude

Current Mood: excited
Friday, November 21st, 2008
6:16 am
my black nylons

Current Mood: horny
Sunday, October 26th, 2008
11:58 pm
fingers to the rescue
i recently shaved my bush, all the hair is gone! Sad really but some hair is still there, couldn't get it all, but since i shaved it i've been so horny i've been going nuts! so i did whatevere i could to relieve myself
still a few stray hairs
Friday, October 24th, 2008
5:43 pm
hot horny and smooth
Finished shaving my fanny and my sweet spot, now i'm smooth and silky all over. But i'm also hot and horny as hell!
10-24 097

10-24 083


Current Mood: horny
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
1:39 am
Good luck streak continues
lately i've been on an unusual lucky streak. For the last two weeks or so my pantyhose just won't run! i'm not complaining, mind you, being seriously addicted to nylons can be very costly, wear a pair once and phfffffft!
Do my feet still look sexy?

...my nylons snag on something and there goes yet another pair of nylons in the trash, along with my hard earned money. it's so sad to slip into a new pair of hose only to find a gigantic snag in them, or to just have a humungous run shoot down your leg when you're out in public. but lately the runs have simply ceased and desisted, or something like that.

i can wear nylons more than once, for once. it's happened before but it's a very rare occurrence. my toes especially like to pop through,
06-25 071

...even though i clip my toenails regularly, making me wonder, "what the hell do i do now?!"
The knot in my pantyhose

...no amount of nail polish can cover up the hole, it's there and my toe is poking out and it's uncomfortable, and i hate it! but lately that hasn't happened. with every pair of nylons I put on my legs, i still remain sexy and run free at the end of the day, and horny of course,

...nylons always arouse me, but there's no one here to relieve my sexual frustrations, but oh well, i'm still sexy and run free!
my silky feet

i don't know what i could have done to deserve this, but i wish i knew, so i could keep doing it so my good luck streak will never end.

Current Mood: flirty
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
11:37 pm
Sexy and Run Free!
I put these new tan nylons on the other night expecting the usual, lots of snags and at least one hole usually in the feet, but to my amazement there was nothing! Hardly one snag, just a few very small ones which were barely noticeable, and no holes either! I checked each foot and each of my toes especially, with nail polish in hand, ready to amply apply polish to each hole and run, which is practically just a waste of time and nail polish, because the runs are gonna spread regardless of what i do, the polish just slows them down a bit. but there were no runs or holes. So I figure the runs are in my thighs, so before i stretched my nylons too much i quickly scanned my thighs front and back for damage, but still nothing! WTF!

So i grab my camera quick before the pantyhose gods start to unleash their wrath on my pretty pantyhose, and i take these pics. i was so excited that these nylons did not run or snag! i wore them all night and didn't even take them off the next day, just kept wearing them all the next day, strange I know, but true, and they never snagged very much or got one hole or run! Amazing!

I was so nervous wearing them thinking that something bad was gonna happen to them at any minute, but nothing did. so maybe my luck is changing for the better? not just luck in wearing pantyhose but my luck in life as well. I believe luck is what you make it really. if you are determined to change your luck for the better I believe that you really can. i believe good things are gonna keep happening in my life and i'm gonna make them happen.

I was so horny in this perfect pair of pantyhose I couldn't help but feeling myself up over and over again, just touching myself and feeling my smooth silky legs and feet, i just wish there was someone here to appreciate them with me! someone to lick each of my nylon clad toes and to rub my sexy nylon feet and legs and to finger my little kitty!

my feet feel sexy in nylon

06-30 028

06-30 022

Current Mood: horny
Monday, June 30th, 2008
1:03 am
The Molasses On My Pantyhose
I'll admit it, my feet feel sexy in pantyhose, and i'd love to have each toe sucked and nibbled on and kissed and creamed! I just hate to have my feet all clad in sexy silky nylon and no one around to violate them! So I violated them myself with a little molasses. It was very sticky and didn't feel like what I expected it to feel like. Next time I'd like to try something more creamy and cold, maybe whip cream? Now wouldn't you like to lick off the molasses from my feet?

06-28 266

getting ready to pour some sweet molasses on my silky nylon feet

06-28 276

06-28 277

06-28 279

06-28 280

06-28 281

06-28 285

06-28 286

06-28 288
Thursday, June 26th, 2008
12:48 am
Do I Still Look Sexy?
I my as well face it, my pantyhose are gonna run! I've learned to embrace the runs in my hose, instead of being angry. They're gonna happen no matter what. i hate to see my nylons run,but what can i do? when i put a new pair on they look beautiful and sexy! but then, i notice a snag so i try to smooth it out by licking my finger and wetting the snag, or i dab a little nail polish on it,but the run is on it's way,it'll get me no matter what i do, so i my as well accept it and just embrace it.

But the question is, do my legs and feet still look sexy even with a case of the runs? I'd like to know.

06-25 015

06-25 016
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